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Ali: Hero Of Chivalry (leading Companions To The Prophet)

Ali Hero Of Chivalry

Tughra Books

Author: Resit Haylamaz

Ali: Hero Of Chivalry (leading Companions To The Prophet) is a must own child's book. The author is Resit Haylamaz and it was published in September of 2011 by Tughra Books. The book has 142 pages and it contains plenty of black & white drawings. It highlights Companions. To get the best deal on a copy for this children's book besides other books, click on the shopping cart link below.

ASIN: 1597842532

Ali ibn Abi Taleb is the fourth Caliph of Islam, but he could possibly be the first to remember from amongst all of the Companions from the Prophet Muhammad as far as bravery is concerned. He is a symbol of courage and gallantry as drastically as a top spiritual figure in Islam. This book brings to life the biography of this unique hero of Islam, analyzing exactly where and how he was raised, the dynamics that formed his personality as well since the struggles that he went through in his lifetime.


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