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Angels Sweep The Desert Floor: Bible Legends About Moses In The Wilderness

Angels Sweep The Desert Floor Bible

Clarion Books

Author: Miriam Chaikin


A collection of eighteen stories based on the Bible which tell how angels respond to God's commands to ease the way for Moses and the Israelites as they cross the wilderness after being freed from slavery in Egypt.
Kids love this outstanding book by Miriam Chaikin. Written by Miriam Chaikin and it was published sometime in 2002 by Clarion Books. The children's book has 112 pages and it includes loads of colorfully illustrated pages. For more information on this children's book, click on our store link on this page.

ASIN: 0395978254

Rabbis in ancient occasions believed that the answers to all concerns could possibly be found somewhere inside the Bible. Biblical notes, bibliography. Miriam Chaikin examines familiar midrashim, or stories from the Old Testament. “ Turn it and turn it, for everything is in it,” they said. This collection of eighteen moving and lyrical tales follows Moses and the Israelites as they wander the desert, sate their hunger with manna bread, receive the Ten Commandments, and, ultimately, reach the Holy Land. Each answer the rabbis found became a sort of story, a midrash. Glowing paintings capture the majesty of heaven and also the grace of angels who watch over the Israelites for the duration of their difficult journey.


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