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Ayat Jamilah: Beautiful Signs: A Treasury Of Islamic Wisdom For Children And Parents (this Little Light Of Mine)

Ayat Jamilah Beautiful Signs A Treasury

Skinner House Books

Children love this terrific book. The child's book has 212 pages. It's dimensions are 7.52" Height x 9.02" Length x 0.43" Width and weighs around 1.29 lbs. If you prefer a copy of this book, check out the market add to shopping cart button below.

ASIN: 1558965696

Winner of the 2004 Aesop Prize, Ayat Jamilah/Beautiful Signs: a Treasury of Islamic Wisdom for Children and Parents may possibly be the second book in Eastern Washington University Press' This Little Light of Mine series. A young adult/adult crossover anthology, it draws from not merely the core of Islamic spirituality and ethics, the Qur'an, and the traditions (hadiths) , but also from the mystical verse, folk tales, and exemplary figures with the Islamic narrative. It will also be treasured by Muslim households and by all parents committed to broadening the lives and values of their youngsters and themselves. Unlike any other collection of Islamic stories, Beautiful Signs gathers traditional stories from the farthest reaches of the Muslim world, which stretches from Morocco in the west to Indonesia in the east, and from China in the north to Tanzania inside the south. This unique anthology, with its wealthy and thorough explanatory notes, will be invaluable to anyone wishing to understand, or to teach, geography, world history, or world religions.


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