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Islam world Religions Series
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Whitecap Books Ltd.

Author: Jan Thompson

Searching to buy an excellent children's book? Lookin into getting a copy of Islam (world Religions Series) by Jan Thompson. The author is Jan Thompson and it was published in January of 2010 by Whitecap Books Ltd. The child's book has 58 pages. Allow yourself to get engrossed in the book. As you read, picture the situation inside your head. You could get as artistic as you choose with the experience in your mind. It will surely place you amidst the thrill as well as thrill with the book. To purchase a copy at the best price, check out the market button on this page.

ASIN: 1552856542

The World Religions series explores the significant religions of our planet today. Focusing on the six main religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism, each title looks 1st at one person's experience, and then examines the facts, arguments and opinions from about the globe. Special debate panels, supported by a wealth of resource material, invite the reader to go more than the issues which can be currently shaping our world.

Young readers will learn about their personal faiths and will receive answers to important concerns such as: What is Jewish Law? Do Sikhs believe in an afterlife? What is enlightenment? What does the Hindu way of life aim for? Should we question the truth of religious books like the Bible? These questions and a lot of much more are explored in detail, providing readers with a glossary and resource guide for further reading.

Written by educators, these books are well researched, carefully written, and are credible resources for young students. Parents will appreciate the open and sensitive therapy of each religion. The World Religions series is an essential contribution to helping increase cultural awareness and promote tolerance.


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