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Quranic Inspirations

Quranic Inspirations

iUniverse, Inc.

Author: Ibrahim Syed

Are you looking to pick a book? You may want to read Quranic Inspirations by Ibrahim Syed. Written by Ibrahim Syed and it was published sometime in August of 2007 by iUniverse, Inc. The book is 684 pages long. It's 9.02"H x 5.98"L x 1.5"W. It weighs close to 2.19 lbs. To find the best bargain for this child's book along with other items, check out our affilate add to shopping cart button below.

ASIN: 0595450032

The great universal Muslim scientists, about thousand years ago, had been inside the forefront of knowledge, specifically within the sciences and technologies with no ever giving up their religion. By moving away from the in depth study with the Qur'an Muslims have lost the golden opportunity of a lot of a scientific discovery and advancement of understanding. In fact Islam in general and also the Qur'an in distinct inspired the Muslim scientists to seek and advance knowledge and paved the way for modern science.

Science is just not a divine revelation but it provides a means for the welfare of man and to much far better understanding the creation of Allah (SWT) , the all-natural phenomena and their objective. Islam exhorts its followers to relentlessly pursue knowledge. One-third utilizing the Qur'an exhorts its readers to think and reflect upon the all-natural phenomena.


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