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Stories Of The Prophets In The Holy Qu'ran

Stories Of The Prophets In The Holy Quran

Tughra Books

Author: Shahada Sharelle Haqq

The author is Shahada Sharelle Haqq and the publisher is Tughra Books. The became available sometime in 2008. The book has 100 pages. It's dimensions are 10.43"H x 7.87"L x 0.51"W and it weighs only 1.34 lbs. We would like for you to get the best price when acquiring a children's book for your children, click on the add to cart button.

ASIN: 1597841331

This inspiring collection of illustrated stories provides an Islamic take on the lives and missions of familiar prophets. steadfastness, patience, and honesty? Through these Islamic renditions, children are created keenly aware from the importance of distinct virtues? an, including Abraham, Moses, Noah, and Jesus, along employing the prophets' willingness to endure hardship as a means to an honest life. exhibited by religious role models within the Qur?


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